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Овој модел е Онлајн Офлајн
18, Бик, Эстония, Таллен
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Пол Пар Жена + Жена
Заинтересиран/-а за Жени, Мажи, Двојки, Транс
Возраст 18
Висина < 5' [150cm]
Тежина 90 - 100 lbs [40 - 45 kg]
Коса Црвено коса
Очи Зелена
Етникум Бела
Јазици Руски, Aнглиски
Место на Живеење Таллен
Срамни Влакна Избричена
Обем на гради Мали
Газе Мали
Што е тоа што нѐ пали
I dream about drivers licence and my first car. Then i will trip around european countries.
Also i dream about good computer to make my dream about game creating be real...
За нас
Hi everyone, my name is Emma I am very glad that you came to my page, I am 18 years old, my biggest dream is to make all people live in peace and be happy in their actions, my dream is to help my parents because they invested a lot in me when I was yo
In my free time I like to travel and socialize with new people, I have been to several countries and always found interesting people, I really like kind and polite guys
Whenever I understand that there are beings in this world who need something, tears come to my eyes, I want to help everyone, but I am not enough for everyone(
I really dont like it when people are not polite to me, because I always behave politely and kindly with the people around me, I dont understand when someone doesnt enjoy every minute of their life, because life is beautiful

Emma: BI
Catherine: Lesbian
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Negative people
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  1. 1. What’s your favorite sex position?

    Emma: Doggy or scissors, we love feeling each other))
    Catherine: Missionary

  2. 2. Have you had group sex?

    Emma and Catherine: No :(

  3. 3. What porn do you like the most?

    Emma: Hard blowjob, dominating a girl
    Catherine: Oral sex

  4. 4. How long can you last in a doggy style position?

    Emma: Until my legs give out, huh
    Сatherine: Until I cum

  5. 5. Why morning sex is the best?

    Emma: The release of energy is the most frantic)
    Catrin: It hasn’t happened yet

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Emma sensitive nipples
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